To come alongside people in need with one-on-one care through the love of Christ.

Goals, Vision, and Objectives:

Identify and equip caring Christians to become Stephen Ministers.

Identify potential care receivers, who have life needs, within our congregation and in the community, who could benefit from Stephen Ministers.

Description of the Stephen Ministry Program

Stephen Ministry is a distinctly Christian caring ministry that provides high quality, one-to-one Christian care to individuals facing a variety of crises or life challenges. This includes people who are grieving, divorced, ill, unemployed, home-bound, lonely, discouraged, or experiencing other life struggles.

Stephen Leaders are pastors and lay leaders who direct and teach Stephen Ministry in their congregations after attending a very intensive one week Stephen Series Leader's Training Course.

Stephen Ministers are laypeople who receive 50 hours of Christian care giving training that includes classes in listening, the importance of confidentiality, and many other topics, after which they can then provide one-to-one Christ centered care to hurting people. They also meet with Stephen Leaders regularly for supervision and further continuing education.

Reformation currently has one Stephen Leader and 9 active Stephen Ministers. Our leader is Judy Carpenter. Our Stephen Ministers are Nadine Ottinger, Myra Johnson, Joe Anne Lintz, Judy Carpenter, Rick Shuffler, Tom Bible, Margaret Murphy, Jay Roths, and Jim Schumacher.

How the Program Works

Any individual, whether or not a member of the Reformation Lutheran Church family, may request a Stephen Minister for themselves or they may refer another person who is in need of a Stephen Minister. The request or referral is made to the pastor. Referrals require the permission of the individual needing the care. Once a request or referral is made, the pastor will meet with the person in need and a Stephen Minister will be assigned. The Stephen Minister and the pastor are the only two people who have any knowledge of the specific situation or person involved. The Stephen Minister begins meeting with the care receiver regularly and maintains a confidential care giving relationship until care is no longer necessary.

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